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Today, Capcom announced there will be a new Dojo mode coming to the game on September 25. The mode will give those who've synced their CFN to the official Capcom Shadaloo Website the customizable stage for free.

Photo Credit: Capcom-Unity

The more people in the Dojo, the more points they can contribute to being the best by the end of October. The winning team will receive an object to place in their stage as a reward.

Usually, fans are excited when there's new content, but the announcement received mixed reactions in the FGC. Some like the idea, some expected more, and some are still questioning when the net code issue will be resolved.

What the Dojo is proving to be is a more enhanced battle lounge where you can now talk with others, fight specific characters, and play in the same country as mentioned on the website.

The Dojo feature will benefit those who've recently joined the game or want to improve by meeting others who play a certain character. The backbone behind the game, especially online, falls in rank.

Having enhanced features in ranked such as picking the region where you would like to fight, better point system, and being paired with people who are not three badges below you would have gotten a better reaction.

The Dojo feature will drop the same day as both the Darkstalkers and Halloween costumes. For more information about the Dojo, click here.