Another great announcement for the Scorum brand, their first branded game now goes live online where for those who don't have an Android phone and are awaiting the game's release on iOS you can now play it free on your desktop as a great alternative way.

Play the Game Now Online -

This version of the game represents the same copy as the viral version that will eventually go out to other portals so the Scorum name will be found far and wide over the internet for audiences in hundreds of countries. Except there will be an extra 5 kills in that version.

The game will eventually be made available on Scorum as well once the guys have finished with the exchange. The version to be hosted on Scorum will eventually feature 13 kills including 3 exclusive kills only available online at Scorum and on mobile devices. These kills will not be available to play on a desktop browser at any other website. This will help drive more traffic to the Scorum website from other gaming portals.

For anyone who would like to volunteer their services to translate the game into their native language please feel free to leave me your telegram user in the comments and your native language. When we come to release the full version of the game we will update the language settings with your help. This will greatly help to expose the game to different languages around the world.

*Make sure you have Adobe Flash installed on your laptop/desktop to play the game. Most people should have this installed as default but in case you don't you can install it here:

Would You Like to Become Famous in the Game?

We will shortly be announcing a competition where you can work with us on creating your own kill for the game. What's more you will get to name the kill and be mentioned in the achievements section of the game and credits page!

Follow me and Hassan to keep up to date with the competition details.