Who doesn't know Nintendo? The mega game company is known all over the world and whether you are 6 or 80, you probably heard its name at least once. Chances are if you know about Nintendo, you probably heard about the Smash Bros. franchise too. The franchise is much younger than its company counterpart though. It wasn't before the N64 that we could play.

In my case, I missed the whole N64 era, but I was back in for the Gamecube one. I remember, I was still in high school and often, me and my friends, had to make compromises between playing or doing our homework. Which, sadly, most often than not, ended up with playing being a clear winner.

Ahhh... Smash Bros Melee. We played for countless hours. I think we even managed to bust the Hours Played counter (which. if I remember well. was 9999) over the 3 or 4 years we played every week. At first, we didn't quite grasp the concept of how difficult that game was, but each and every play, we developed tactics and became more efficient at every tap we made on the controller.

Each of our moves was fine-tuned, a succession of taps and clicks carved into our brains. We knew every stage so well that we didn't even think or care anymore about stuff falling near us or the camera's pans and zooms, or the treacherous holes coming right under our feet. We were slowly but assuredly becoming robots.


He was my favorite character because he was so bizarre yet so powerful in times of need. His wave dashing technique was so useful to me in hard situations. It's like he was always floating above the ground. That made it easier to dodge enemies attacks and being able to attack while moving was pretty useful. Good times...

Anyway, this all leads us to the all new and shiny Smash Ultimate now out on the Nintendo Switch. With rave reviews all over the interwebs, Smash Ultimate is the latest release of the Smash franchise. This is in my humble opinion the greatest Smash game since Smash Bros. Melee. The huge amount of characters, the number of locations and the enormous online community makes it so fun and unexpected, match after match after match.

I still need to practice a lot, but I see HUGE potential for this game in tournaments and competitions. They nailed the gameplay both for casual and hardcore gamers, and I think that's what makes SSB one of the most loved game franchise.

I haven't played a lot yet, but I'm already seeing the nice little touches they put here and there. And those graphics... Yum! I'm coming from the Wii generation and it's so awesome to see a Nintendo game being so beautiful.

Anyway, since practice makes you perfect...

See you online! And share your stories in the comments below :)