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The Gators achieved both with a 75-70 additional time win over No. 10 seed Virginia Tech at Hinkle Fieldhouse, anyway in the process they brought their program up in a manner that even School b-ball accomplishment can't.

Coach Mike White had his own Norman Dale, my-bunch is-on-the-floor occasion over the range of the evening. It was no single second, save for when he chose to hold Omar Payne from the game.

Payne had hurt Tennessee's John Fulkerson with an appalling elbow during a SEC Rivalry game seven days prior that finally incited Payne's dispatch and to Fulkerson being not ready to return. Florida lost that game and was cleared out, in this way repelling him during the gathering rivalry was inconceivable. If Florida wanted to do, in White's words, "the right thing," it would have to swallow really hard and recognize it could cost the No. 7 seed Gators a chance to advance in the NCAAs.

"Verifiably a showing second," White told journalists. "It's irksome that he can't play, unmistakably, yet it was the legitimate movement. Omar managed it like a champ. Omar is remorseful. We in general submit mistakes. He's a fantastic young person. Also, we had the choice to endure, fortunately, without him."

White declined to say whether Payne would return to development during the opposition's second round, anyway he was seen whether there is a simultaneousness with Tennessee including Payne sitting anyway long Fulkerson's actual issue holds him out for the count.

All through the 45 minutes of b-ball between the Gators and Hokies, White expected to develop his problematic decision ordinarily.

— When point screen Tyree Applebee was lost in the second half since he took an unplanned elbow to the head while playing shield — Applebee had a cut on his sanctuary that essential lines and didn't return — Payne remained on the seat, never killing his clinical cover yet viably cheering his partners.

— When power forward Osayi Osifo fouled out of the game with 1:49 left in rule.

— When power forward Anthony Duruji was barred on fouls with 2:50 in extra time, White sent in 6-5 first year select Niels Way, who had played only five minutes in the gathering's most recent game.

"The smart decision with myself and the two open partner coaches is … Which youngster wing do we put in there?" White uncovered to Wearing News. "He hasn't downplayed a lot of the stretch of the time frame, let alone on this stage. By at that point, it's 'Welcome: What about we mix in with various people and we ought not submit mistakes.' And you wouldn't have known it, apparently, if you were a layman essentially watching on TV. Since he energized us a bit down the stretch."

It isn't care for Florida decided to pull out an Al Horford-level player from an opposition game, yet Payne contributes 16 minutes, 3.7 concentrations and 3.2 skip back per game. Charitable, and 1.3 squares, which is truly hefty for an individual tumbling off the seat. He would have helped against Virginia Tech, likely.

The Gators had their minutes when it seemed like the little lift Payne's quality may have given would have been genuinely missed. They fail to get the ball inbounds and turned it over on a 5-second count with 48 seconds remaining and an imperative lead. Duruji missed two free throws with 7.8 seconds left, the two of which may have gotten a triumph without the extra five minutes being imperative. Likewise, someone fail to get Virginia Tech watch Nahiem Alleyne after Duruji's missed foul shots offered the Hokies one last possibility at a tying 3-pointer.