Matches in the League of Legends Worlds 2019 are well underway, and the Summoner’s Trophy will soon find its way home to the rightful champion. In my last post, we rallied the qualified teams for the final tourney. Now it’s time to narrow that down and shift our lenses towards the bigger picture. Let’s gather the puzzle pieces and look into the bestest teams who belong to the list of the LoL Worlds Favorites 2019.

Favorites to Win The Worlds 2019

Invictus Gaming

Anyone would think the reigning champion gets a default spot in the list of favorites, but this one has more than that for reasons why they’re one of the top dogs. Aside from snagging the trophy last year, Invictus Gaming entered 2019 season with a bang after crushing the solid JD Gaming in the finals of the LPL Spring Split, setting a record 3-0 endgame which is by far the fastest win in history. If that doesn’t scream potential champions, well I don’t know else does.

SK Telecom T1

Korea’s prime team is a top choice in esports betting. The Worlds is SK T1’s power base, being the only team to have won the World Championship three times. Although the powerhouse team skipped the tournament last year, this year they’re back with a vengeance, in the form of Faker. Faker may as well be every player’s worst nightmare, and along with Teddy, Mata and Khan playing for the team, they’d be unstoppable.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports is Europe’s double champion, having earned that title along with some pretty impressive stats in the past. Fast forward to 2019, G2 is LEC’s best hope to get their hands on the elusive Summoner’s Trophy since Fnatic’s win in the very first season. Why so? Well, G2 did not disappoint after receiving doubts in the MSI, proving everyone wrong by executing the fastest BO5 match in LoL history after that swift win versus Liquid. It’s hard not to expect that kind of momentum in the Worlds.

Top Sleepers to Challenge The Big Dogs

Clutch Gaming

Clutch’s journey was looking a little rough going into this year’s season. They settled at the bottom of the rankings and were impossible to be considered one of the LoL Worlds Favorites 2019. However, things started to take a 360-degree turn after the overhaul behind-the-scenes at CG. Anchored by the team’s best player Cody Sun who managed to rake up a KDA ratio of 6.7, Clutch Gaming has all the stops to successfully pull off the surprise of the season by completing an underdog finish. If you’re looking for value bets and rooting for some underdogs, Clutch is definitely worth considering.

GAM Esports

GAM Esports is so far the best in their region. While the Vietnamese team doesn’t have much to brag in their records, they seem to be aging well every year in the Worlds. They just get better and better. In the midst of numerous preseason drafting changes, the team still managed to hold a stable roster that gave them their first place finish in the VCS Summer Season at 11-3. Other than that, GAM Esports also became a notable qualifier in the LoL World Championship 2019 after getting zero defeats in the playoffs. That’ll do for a great choice in esports betting.

It’s hard to tell whether the finals will finish off expectedly, surprisingly or disappointingly, as everyone seems to be going up and down the slope in the progression of the Worlds 2019. Will you be rooting for the top dogs or the dark horses? Only one way to find out.

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