Ever since I heard that G2 have plans to replace their old mid laner Luka Perković "Perkz" with a Fnatic mid laner Rasmus "Caps" Winther and move Perkz to play bot lane I was kinda skeptical how will that work.

And then the new LEC season started last Friday.


G2 were put on the test vs. brand new Origen roster led by xPeke and their new coach (former caster) Martin Lynge "Deficio". It's known that Origen brings some veterans players like Nukeduck and formerly TSM support Mithy to their new roster so there were high expectations of them too.

G2 drafted very good, they put their support Miky on a engage champion (Rakan) and since their former mid laner now plays bot lane they put Perkz on comfortable AP pick (Zoe) instead of AD pick and it worked very well. However, they had plan B by putting their jungler Jankos on a scaling champ (Karthus) that works so well once he gets items that he needs and can solo change teamfight by pressing his ultimate ability.

The game went pretty well and they use a good draft together with their mechanical ability and won few fights, make a big lead and they were able to close it with a 27-minute win.

Jankos with his Karthus pick in the jungle was the player of the match.

GAME 2: G2 vs SCHALKE 04

Game 2 vs Schalke 04 on Saturday was a completely stomp by G2. They finished the game with a 24-minute win and almost the same amount of kills for them (22).

This time they put Miky again on a comfortable pick and a engage champion (Alistar) because Rakan was banned. The difference is that they pick Kaisa for a Perkz and he really showed that he can play AD champs if they draft towards his lane and make advantage by good ganks and roams from their top-mid laners.

They also put Jankos on Karthus pick so if things go wrong they still have some scaling into late game.

This time Kia motors player of the game was Perkz because he showed that he can match up vs. other good ADC players by playing a perfect game with his Kai'Sa with a score 8/0/6.

So the key things why I think this roster works so well are:

  • Good drafting by their coach Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann
  • Putting Mikyx on comfortable and engage pick
  • Allowing Perkz to play whatever he like since he has a big champ pool (AD+AP)
  • Picking some scaling champs for a late game if things go wrong (like Jankos pick)
  • Letting their mid-top duo transitioning farm advantages in their lanes to being able to roam to bot lane and create pressure 
You can watch both games here:

Game 1 Game 2