Cryptocurrency for many years now has become a very efficient means for transaction around the globe, and is now generally accepted by many online vendors for purchasing items and well as payment for services. It has gained ground so much that it has find its way into the gaming world. It is no news that they are platforms for gamers to earn for playing games,the Enjin coins blockchain has bridged the gap between gamers and crypto lovers, where users now have a more secured and mind blowing gaming experience of high technology.

Personal Experience

Gaming has been part of me right from my childhood, even while growing up I have gotten my hands into a lot of games and I have participated in many gaming competitions and wining quite a few in the process. While in School I have hosted some esport games (Pro Evolution Soccer). I was thrilled when I first heard about the Enjin cats in mechs game in a post shared by Swolesome.

More recently I play some HTML games from a

platform though not accessible

outside Nigeria, is a platform where gamers

earn money from playing games and rewards

are payed directly to the winner’s bank account.

But like I said earlier crypto currency has gained more ground and the Enjin coin has helped to open another phase of gaming world.

About the Enjin coin

Incase this is your first time of hearing about the enjin, I will try to elaborate on it and help you get some insights about it. The first question that might come to your mind is what are enjin coins? and what are they use for?

Enjin coin (ENJ) are smart cryptocurrency token on blockchain platform for development and creation of gaming content which includes both buying and selling of digital items. this coin is widely use in different websites and has created a safe avenue where gamers can run their trading and other activities without fear of fraud, scammers and all sorts of online theft as users have control over their enjin wallet without a third party involvement.

The Enjin ecosystem

This is like a circle and the image above describes it all, firstly the developers acquires the coin through the various acceptable cryptocurrency (enjin accepts a lot of crypto currency, so getting the coin should be a huge task) or through official partner. The developers then use the coin on the enjin platform and SDK to create blockchain gaming items such as weapons, costumed game currencies, creatures and a bunch of other things.

Once the developer is done, the gamers acquire the minted item and can also collect tokens from completing tasks and also collect unique items from enemies during the course of the game and earn coin as assets. These blockchain items are kept in their private and secured wallets which they have total control over every transaction activity be it purchasing, selling or trading. The gamers can also choose to melt their items which they get enjin coins in return.

Now the big question is, how would the use of Enjin tokens/platform impact your favorites game?

They are many things a developer will want to take into to consideration before exclusively picking up the enjin coin as his major raw material for integrating his games includes,

The Advantages of ENJ

Every developer is faced with the issue of security in the blockchain gaming world a lot of online game fraud happen which ENJ have reduce such activities to its lowest form creating a high security platform for both developers and end users. Unlike other system this a digital community act as a decentralized platform where gamers can trade items and assets and in turn building their tokens.

It also provides software development kit (SDK) which are available for the developer to create their games and its available in several languages.

The Appreciation ENJ value

Coins like bitcoin started on a very low values and many didn’t see it rising to such a huge value now, this is the same route the ENJ is following. They are a high possibility of the coin rising up to $0.15 in the next two years. And with increased usage of the coin by a wider range of gamers this can be achieved, the introduction of blockchain technology will also help a rapid boost. So it is safe to say investing in the coin is a good bargain

The Exchange

Like I mentioned earlier in the coin can be use in the exchange of other cryptocurrency such as Etherum, bitcoin, Litecoin and many others, and transactions can be carried out in platforms such as Coin switch, Binance etcetera. And if you are not selling, your coins are safely kept in your ENj wallet which has a unique code to access and you don’t have to worry of someone coming to loot your coins. It is created in such away you get to be aware of every transactions and you choose to accept or decline.

The Uniqueness

One will say they are many other coins why choose ENJ, this is a platform driven in creating fairness in all ramifications between gamers and developers against malevolent users who wants to abuse the system. The coin has a solid concept in ensuring that the ecosystem maintains a swift consistency, that is to say they is continuous inflow and outflow of the coin.

the technology behind the platform is mind blowing when compared to others, the items as well as weapons produce with these coin are of high quality.

With the few points mentioned above, the ENJ has a lot to offer when it comes to online gaming, if integrated into games it will create a win-win scenario for end users and developers. And when people see the efficiency of what the coin has to offer then we have a bigger data base for each gaming system.