A Turret's Life is a first-person arcade shooter/tower defence game for PC and VR where you are the tower defending an area against the endless onslaught of attacking robots and crafting overpowered dream guns that can be traded as crypto-backed items.


Uh oh, the thirteenth blog! It certainly does feel unlucky today (but could but a blessing in the long run). After the final touches of the current crafting system, I concluded that it just was not a good fit for the game at this point in time and have to go back to the drawing board…



Overall, I was quite happy with how the crafting system turned out - but there were a few nagging red flags that kept appearing in my mind. The system was becoming quite complex and a bit of a hassle to manage as it was. Trying to teach players how to use this system would be a nightmare and don’t get me started on trying to figure out how the UI and feedback would work with it all! Moreover, I also think that A Turret’s Life should be a faster paced game, and this current crafting system would really take too long and disturb the flow.

With time I believe this system could work out really well and it is still in my future wishlist of features to add to the game if players want it. For the time being, I am creating a more streamlined and simpler version that is directly integrated into the main gameplay. Don’t worry, the core pillars of creating crazy super-guns and collecting and trading valuable Enjin items are still there 😊

When I started this section, I knew it would be one of the hardest to get right. This was done to know as soon as possible if the feature was worth continuing on or if an alternative should be sought instead. Of course, the downside of starting with the harder things first is it can also exhaust and overwhelm too, so this could have possibly been a self-fulfilling prophecy… Ultimately, it really has been coming down to my energy levels and that the system is a bit over-scoped for what I can do while working in a full-time job.

Future Direction

The best benefit of redesigning this crafting system to be directly entwined with the main gameplay is that now I can focus on creating the core mechanics! In other words, I am starting work on making an early access/demo version now! My initial plans for this are to get the main economy and mechanics functioning to test the waters and show you guys the game, and then from there add in the Enjin and persistent player stats afterwards once things have been safely fine-tuned.

Fingers crossed that the future will be luckier this time!

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