Hey I think we have to take advantage of the activity that steemMonsters is having, given that it is easily categorized as one of the first e-sports on the blockchains we fall as a glove to Scorum and I think it could benefit us given that there is a potential of attraction for the same investors.

Besides that it is Christmas and I would like to give you a small gift in the form of a tournament, you know that as a community we are a family and that even though we have bad encounters, fights and everything has prospered without the toxicity of steemit.

Even Scorum is the protagonist in my plans for the future, I am very close to graduating from school and I have to decide for a university and what will be of my life from now, but I have so many hopes in Scorum that I am investing money and time here.


Well the first tournament of SteemMonsters for scorum will be on December 26 - 3 Pm Est zone, one day after Christmas or if you prefer we can change it for another date but I need to be told in the comments.

The prize will be for the 2 finalists, given that this time the strategy will be something valid for the victory the first place will take 60 SCR liquid and 40 for the second place. The others will receive some consolation prizes which I will explain below.


60 SCR- First place

40 SCR - Second place

Technically this is the test tournament, because I plan to make another improved and possibly with more awards and better organization for a few days after the end of the year.

First it will not be a guaranteed tournament for the pay-to-win because it will be limited to the silver tier, then all the cards will be limited to the allowed level.

To give even more operations activity to our blockchain, the tournament and participation will be live in a post in the comments box. The instructions to follow are:

- 1 hour before the agreed time, you will have to appear and confirm your entry by placing your username associated with your SteemMonsters account in

- Once in the post or directly on the registration page for the tournament, you can see who is in the battle, the user at the top will have to send the challenge to the one at the bottom, which he will have only 10 minutes to accept the challenge or otherwise he will be disqualified and will continue to the next round.

- Each round will consist of 2 combat, users will fight to the best of 3 which means that if you win 2 fights against your opponent, you advance to the next round.

- Once the winner of a combat is had, the winner of the combat must write a comment saying "I won against (name of the other user)" then I will go to confirm the result.

- The final fight will only be a clean fight, there will be no second chances.

- Basically I'm putting a limit of 8 people for this tournament, but if there are more interested just register and I will expand the li

Once the tournament is over I will send the prizes to the respective winners.

Example for the instructions

Sign up Here

Now the date is to be confirmed I need you to tell me which day it seems most comfortable and at what time together with the time zone, I am at your complete service.


For those who do not know steemmonsters, or have not yet first I am offering a service of buying and selling cards with an exclusive discount for Scorum users. But if you want to buy an initial package of SM but want to use Scorum to do it, you can also do it through my person.

I will send you a gift card with the value you want, the costs would be $ 11 for the card of 10 and $ 21 for the card of $ 20, as you can see I am only charging a dollar as a fee. All this is done using Scorum as currency.

If you want to read more about the available stock or if you want to sell your cards, you can read this post.

SteemMonsters Services

Nothing more to tell you my dear friends, Merry Christmas.