Well it's been a while since I wrote something here and the simplest explanation is that I took a vacation to de-stress and be able to return with a cold head, I regret my bad encounter with team good although I prefer to keep a prudent distance even my most sincere apologies for the last time, on the other hand I come to bring you an invitation to a game in Steem's blockchain (It has nothing to do with SteemMonsters: p)

The fact that Steem is dead as a blog page has not changed but we can not deny that it has a potential for fun and creation in its Dapps, the game that I am going to show you does not intend to degrade Scorum or Betscorum in any way. totally different subject, so I see no reason why a blog about him is not allowed, because Betscorum is a page for bets and has little to do with the game.


A game totally based on the old and classic Mafia Wars where you basically have to fight to be the best drug dealer in the whole city, keep producing alcohol and drugs, but be careful! You will have to protect your resources from the other players with the troops you train and steal theirs!

It is a totally free to play game created by @Hightouch, where you can win Steem while you become the most powerful drug dealer, it also has a way to keep improving so you can use resources you get for free in the game or paying with Steem , every day 6% of the total balance of the game is divided among all the drug producers!

And if you do not have enough with that, the Heist event allows you to invest your drugs and receive extra money for it, while you divide the rewards with all those who invested the drugs. (2% of the total balance)

If you do not like to play as a lone wolf and prefer to be part of a real mafia, you can join a faction in which you will receive daily a reward for being part of the faction and protection for being part of the family.

It is basically a game in which you will have to innovate yourself and adopt a type of game, because you can concentrate on resources or be a thief to deposit your boots in the heist, rule your world baby!

Now also has a referral system with a bonus of 5%, this is where my offer comes in that you surely can not refuse.

Join Here and be part of my family

You can use my link if you have not yet joined the game, or directly choose me as your referral in the Help section. In any of the 2 cases you will become blood of my blood, so you will receive 50% of the referral bonus that you produce daily! (remember that they will not be cut from your earnings if it is not a separate bonus), 0.15 Steem to make your first quick improvement and give you a little push in addition to 5 Scorums, all you have to do is leave a comment confirming that you are my referral or I will simply see it on my page.

or you can put my name directly in the blank space!

then summarizing you will get:

  • 50 % of the rewards of referrals back to your pocket
  • 0.15 STEEM For your first upgrade
  • 10 SCR and there will be more surprises for my referrals!

Nothing more to say, i wish you the best!