Well today there will be no letter to scorum but if I wanted you to be aware of Gods Unchained. You already know that I am amazed with blockchain technology and the possibility of being able to play video games and earn money from it.

In my personal top I put steemmonsters as the main one given to their ease, but there is always a prince and that is Gods Unchained.

I don't want to make this too long but here I will leave you with the most effective mechanism to make money with that game.

The game is basically a hearthstone built in eth, so it doesn't have much of a complication playing it and you don't need a pc gamer to run it.

What you should do if you really want to get the most out of it and without investing anything at the beginning, is to go up 5 levels a day just by playing even if you don't win all the games, the experience points always come in handy.

This will allow you to receive an envelope each time you level up, and that envelope will have cards that you can merge. Let's see explain this, in gods unchained to be able to sell a card you need it to be improved ". To improve a card, you must merge 2 of it, which come out in the envelopes and ready you can sell it.

Climbing 5 daily levels that is not so difficult, after a week you will have received a total of:

31 regular packages

3 epic packs

1 legendary pack

the difference is that a package quality card is ensured. Added to this, on weekends your rankeds or games will count to receive more prizes but here it is not worth calculating because it totally depends on how many games you win and what league you are in.

Once you have those envelopes, you open them and sell the most expensive cards given the inflationary model since the cards do not have a limit at least until the next set comes out.

Each level gives you a regular package, every 10 levels give you an epic and every 25 a legendary one. Believe it or not, there are legendary cards that sell for 0.205 eth, which would be $ 35 at the current price, nothing wrong as extra income. You can use it to buy scorum :) or improve your deck. Here I leave some guiding images on how to sell your cards.

Open Gods Unchained
Go to the forge section, then u will be able to see your cards that are ready to the fusing, u will need flux is a kind of currency u earn while play so dont worry
then u can go to the trade tab, sell an item and sell your cards at the best price!! i