The call of duty, @Brandonk called me in his last post to form a guild of SM players, perfect idea and very good indeed to promote ourselves in Splinterlands, the biggest game created on some blockchain, so my intentions were Instant to help.

The guild is already active, we are fast haha, and I also know that many of you are interested in playing Sm but perhaps the idea of ​​paying $ 10 to start a game does not seem attractive, but since we are looking for the future elite that represents the Scorum name in SM or splinterlands.

If you are currently part of the game, you can leave a comment or contact us internally to invite you to our guild

So I bring you 12 codes for 12 lucky ones but I need 12 people who are really going to commit to the guild there will be several requirements, but the main one is the team attitude and remember that this is an investment and not just a game. Any questions you can ask brandonk or me, now to acquire any of these codes to be part of our guild you must meet the following requirements:

- Team attitude

- Want to learn and availability to consider yourself an active player

- And here is my advice and it is that you should preferably have at least about $ 5- $ 7.5 liquids that you can use at the moment, that is liquidity because the starter pack will give you access to the game but with a very weak deck, so internally I will teach them to rent a diamond -champion level deck, so that we can meet the guild's expectations, be the best.

If you meet these requirements, write me via telegram or leave a comment and I will give you the code to access the game.

Now there will be a daily DEC rate, the internal currency of the game, which you must pay to remain part of our guild. This will be used to improve the level of guild buildings, and for some surprises.

This rate for now will be 100 DEC daily, something like a penny. Which will go up every so often, because to reach higher levels we will need to invest. you will make the daily contribution within the game so you will not have to give your money directly to us, it will be your contribution to the group

The extra benefits of our guild apart from DEC discounts and bonuses will be constant innovations, weekends with card raffles, advice, and obviously promoting Scorum in SM. That's why we look for the best of the best!

pd: @brandonk choosed the name

join up!

My telegram @liuke9