This tournament will be divided into 2 sections, the part for the participants and another for the spectators who will have the opportunity to win prizes as well.

The tournament starts today at 3 pm EST ZONE

For the participants they will have to follow this instructions:

things to clarify:

  • the prizes will be 75 SCR for the first place and 50 SCR for the second, I thank you very much to all those who make this possible.
  • If your opponent do not accept the challenge in 10 minutes, it will only count as a defeat so you will have to send the challenge back for the second battle
  • all the other participants will receive votes, because I love them!
  • You yourselves have to put your score on the page to update the battles table (example liuke 2 - jonsnow 1)
  • First of all have fun and remember not to cheat

Free bets for the spectators

So here is where all the others enter, you only have to write in the comments during the live post who you think wins each fight , I will update the post with images or you can simply visit the tournament link to be attentive.

If your favorite user you chose, won the match. You will receive a vote of 25% of my person and of other sponsors who are always with me. On the other hand if you can guess the winner of the tournament before the first round ends, I will send you 10 SCR

There is no limit in the number of battle predictions in which you can participate, but only the first 2 people to guess each one will count.

Tournament link

I am publishing this early because I am sharing it in the original discord of SteemMonsters to attract people to join Scorum, because the only requirement to participate is to have a Scorum account!

If many more people want to register, I will expand the limit only up to 32 I think my head would explode if they are more