Arena of Valor is a free-to-play 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) with over 50 million Chinese player where it is also known as Honor of Kings. Arena of valor a kind of makeover of League of Legends and suitable for playing on mobile phones.

Arena of Valor has now been released in Europe and North America as Arena of Valor and is fast becoming one of the most popular MOBAs on the market and is available for IOS and ANDROID. Next month the game will also be available for Nintendo Switch.

Currently Arena of valor has seven game modes:

1) Grand Battle

5 vs 5 an can be played as standard or ranked mode

Ranked mode has the same gameplay as 5 vs 5 standard matches but with the possibility to rank up. you will gain ranks based on your wins and losses. Winning a match gives you 1 star while losing a match you lose 1 star. The ultimate goal is to become a Conqueror!

The Rankings are, bottom to top: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master (top 50 get Conqueror rank).

The map layout has 3 lanes and 9 towers for each team and the objective is to destroy the enemy Core(base)

Map layout 5vs5 mode

2) Abyssal Clash Mode

The map lay-out has 1 lane and 2 twoers for eacht team and each player’s Heroes are randomly selected by the system.

The objective is to destroy the enemy Core (base)

3) Hook Wars (only available during weekends)

4) Valley Skirmish

Rules are similar as in grand battle only difference teams are 3 heroes and there is only one lane and one jungle

5) Solo Battle

1vs1 mode and the objective is to destroy the enemy Core(base)

6) Death Match

can be played 2vs2 , 3vs3 or 5vs5 the onbjective is to kill everyone

7) Football match (only available during weekends)

Objective is to score goals like in a real Football match.

6 Different roles to play


Your main task is to protect your allies and absorb all the damage. So ur teammates can kill the enemy.

They have a large ammount of health and armor.


Warriors are not afraid to go into any fight. They usually start any team fight and have a descent ammount of health and armor


They have the highest burst damage in the game, there maintask is to sneak up on the enemy and to kill their back line (mages and marksman).


They deal a lot of magic damamge to enemys, they usualy play in the back while being protected by ally tanks and warriors


They are long ranged and deal a lot of damage, they dont have a lot of health so make sure you are well protected by your allies.


Your main objective is to protect your team carries and dont focus the enemy to much

List of all Heroes:

Airi,Aleister,Alice,Arduin,Arthur,Arum,Astrid,Azzen’Ka,Baldum,Batman,Butterfly,Chaugnar,Cresht,Diaochan,Fennik,Gildur,Grakk,Ignis,Ilumia,Jinnar,Kahlii,Kil’Groth,Kriknak,Krixi,Lauriel,Liliana,Lindis,LuBu,Lumburr,Maloch,Marja,Max,Mganga,Mina,Moren,Murad,Nakroth,Natalya,Omega,Omen,Ormarr,Peura,Preyta,Raz,Rourke,Ryoma,Skud,Slimz,Superman,Taara,TeeMee,Tel’Annas,Thane,The Flash,The Joker,Toro,Tulen,Valhein,Veera,Violet,Wisp,Wonder Woman,Wukong,Xeniel,Yorn,Zanis,Zephys,Zill,Zuka

Arena of Valor is currently my favorite game on android.

My main heroes wich i like most are Cresht , The Flash, Arthur and Rourke

Let me know if you played the game and wich heroes you like the most