Fortnite is a game produced by Epic Games launched in September 2017. The main mode that made it famous is the Battle Royale: a mode in which you are catapulted on an island with 99 other players and start a real fight for survival.


In 2018 Fortnite literally monopolized the video game market by becoming the video game with more revenues and earnings in history over the course of a whole year. In fact, last year it obtained over 87 billion dollars and earned over 2.4 billion. So-called disruptive numbers that mark the possible start of a change in the status quo in the way of proposing and producing video games. But let's analyze in detail what are 7 of the causes, motivations, merits that have made all this possible:

#1 Timing

It came out in September 2017 when COD fans were waiting for their last title on PS4 and they had abandoned the previous one and the fans of Destiny, another title that was the most popular in those times, were in a state of delusion due to DLC with contents deemed not up to expectations. Meanwhile on Twitch the most important numbers in terms of views, in addition to the various LoL or Dota, were produced by PUGB, the world's first Battle Royale to become famous (not the first ever).

#2 Free-2-Play

The first game ever to be free-2-play on the console to be totally and mainly focused on the PVP. Warframe had already been released a few years earlier in f2p mode, but it was mainly for the PVE. At a time when the competitive PVP on the console was taking hold, Epic Games gives all users this title with a new mode, new graphics, and constant updates and always stimulating.

#3 No Cheaters & No Bug

Who played on Battle Royale on PC was used to cheaters and bugs like frame drops. Fortnite has improved the end user's gaming experience by almost completely eliminating these inconveniences. People do not like being eliminated or killed in the game because the opponent is using tricks, especially when it's an online game, played with friends and that triggers a competitive component.

#4 Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mode has been taken (copied) by PUGB and is clear to all, in fact, even PUGB among the premium titles is having and maintaining a good success. That said, you must specify that the Battle Royale mode is fun, especially if played with friends. You are catapulted into an island with 99 other players practically bare-arms, you will be armed only with an ax but it will hardly allow you to eliminate some opponent. Once landed, the race begins to find armaments, drugs and objects to strengthen and eliminate opponents. The novelty of Fortnite compared to PUGB is that it is designed in a fantasy world where you can build structures in seconds and where the rules of physics normally present in a game with a real reproduced environment are impossible. For example, land with an umbrella, make jumps of 100 meters etc.

#5 Open approach with the community and continuous news

During the months, Epic Games has always been totally open to discussion with its members. He improved the loot compared to other games and added various personalizations to the characters.

#6 PS4 Availability

Another of the main and most important reasons in my opinion was to first give the experience of being able to play in this mode Battle Royale users of PlayStation 4, and do it for free.

#7 Streaming

Widely played and sponsored by various streamers. I am convinced that behind the explosion of Fortnite there have been sponsorships by Epic Gamers for certain streamer and to advertise it. All this has created the creation of streamer as Ninja, able in 2018 to be watched for 218 million hours, in addition to earning more than 6 million dollars.

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