Approaching the beta release date for those who have pre-ordered the latest highly anticipated BioWare title, more and more gameplay begins to come out and people begin to realize what they can expect from the creators of Mass Effect.


Four days ago I wrote a post with two videos of gameplay to show you too on Scorum some anticipation of this much talked title. I am very interested in this title because it has been repeatedly compared to my favorite game of all time: Destiny. However, the opinion that is forming to me after watching the gameplay is slowly diminishing my enthusiasm. The game seems slow and even if it is very early to say, the movements seem slow far from the dynamism and action of my favorite title.

It is not only my opinion, however, to be so pessimistic about Anthem. After these early gameplays throughout the internet, there are hordes of comments including one of which I quote textual words: "The more I watch the gameplay, the more I get bored". It 's also true, and it is right to remember, that even if we go to Destiny to see the initial missions, or at least the campaign missions, it is very simple missions with little stimulating mobs and beyond the excellent graphics and the enthusiasm of the new title, even on Destiny you could get bored very well if there were only those. So to have a final opinion we have to wait for the game to go out and above all finish it and evaluate its contents endgame that in this type of game are the best part.


From the images and the gameplay, we must ascertain care for the environment and photography, which is indisputable. To summarize the information we have about Anthem:

  • It will be released on February 22, 2019 (Beta 25 January for those who preordered and 1 February for all).
  • Open World game set in the future.
  • Four characters that can be used with different characteristics called Javelin.
  • Endgame activities such as raid and pvp and more.

I want to leave you with the latest video of the gameplay of which I speak in the title of this post. In this gameplay the Javelin used is Colossus and as you will see in the video - and as the name implies - is a super armored character, a tank, a little slow in the movements but with so much strength and endurance. In this video, you will also see a mission where our hero will have to look for three lost anthems to keep going. You will appreciate the fight in this open-world and personally, I did not appreciate the excessive slowness. Probably however it is due only to the characteristics of the used Javelin that I hope will be balanced with the other Javelin. Enjoy the video:

Source: Youtube

Do you think BioWare could have created another epic game as they did with Mass Effect? Do you think Anthem could be a flop like Evolve? What do you think about video gameplay? Let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

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