Anthem is the new video game produced by EA in collaboration with BioWare. About four years to create it, produce it and redefine it. From 25 to 27 January 2019 it was possible to test it through a beta accessible to those who had booked online the game or who simply owned the codes. Three different codes were distributed to the players who booked it to let the game play with three of their friends.


Anthem is a game that has multiple similarities with Destiny. It is set in the far future where a part of the population is defending humans from alien enemies. Through technology, humans have created a kind of customizable armor that can be worn by our heroes, who once worn will start searching for enemies, possessing various highly customizable abilities.

With the progress of the story and the missions, our character will be able to unlock various Javelin - so far there are four, but BioWare has already announced that there will be at least two more - which are the customizable armor of which I spoke earlier. They are all four with different characteristics. The Guardian is a very balanced Javelin both on offense and on defense, fast enough and strong but without taking on any characteristics. Tempest, on the other hand, is a sort of futuristic wizard with lots of abilities that are devastating from distance, a bit weak in defense and melee. The Interceptor, my favorite, is a very fast Javelin who jumps, dodges, and makes melee attacks in such a speed that when the enemy realizes his arrival is probably already dead. Finally, the Colossus is a sort of tank, a giant tank very powerful in attack and defense, but with a very limited speed of movement.


In the game we proceed with a gradual advancement of levels, we start from 1 until you reach a capped maximum level at level 30 (in the Beta you started from level 10 up to level 15). With the various raids and DLC, which on Anthem, unlike Destiny will be free, the levels will increase. As you advance in level you can unlock additional difficulties - there are six in total - and new skills and weapons that will suit your style of play. There are precision rifles for those who love distance play or shotguns for those who like being in the middle of the action, going from pistols to assault rifles and much more. The skills seen in the Beta have been limited but all of a unique spectacularity and we will discover them as they play.

It starts from Fort Tarsis, a sort of Tower of Destiny, which is a social hub where in addition to being able to talk with the various characters on this place to access missions, weapons and so on, there is the possibility to customize your own Javelin and probably there will be a chance to meet other players. One of the problems presented in this Beta was the drop of frames in the movements on Fort Tarsis in addition to a first-person shot and a very slow movement. Other problems of the Beta were various blocks in the uploads that forced the player to have to restart the game, probably due to an overcrowding of the servers. The console experience reaches 30 fps, so very limited movements compared to the PC experience that exceeds 60fps.

In previous posts, I told you about how much hype there is around this game and how disappointing were the first gameplays seen on YouTube. The game seemed slow and not very difficult, in general, it seemed too easy to get bored after a few hours of play. After testing the beta, my consideration has totally changed to the point of getting me to pre-order it already. The gameplay was very fluid, dynamic and the fights were far from being easy. In fact, every time a teammate died, the difficulty to make his way through the enemy increased dramatically. The ability to fly and fight in flight was an extraordinary experience and being able to move freely across the map in an environment full of details completely surprised me.

All this combined with lots of dynamics "copied" by Destiny, such as the raid, having to play exclusively online and with other players, the advancement of levels and unlocking skills, weapons, hidden puzzles here and there in the various missions, made me fall in love at first sight of this game. The only perplexity of my personal is the lack, temporary because you do not know if it will be later added, of the PVP (Player Versus Player), which is a mode that has made Destiny go forward for so many years as the contents of raid, dungeons and missions obviously became too easy when the dynamics had been assimilated by the players, the players were capped at the highest levels and equipped with the best weapons and abilities. I am convinced that however it will be added in the future, and it will certainly be interesting a PVP with the movements as free and dynamic as possible on Anthem.

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