Anthem is the new BioWare game produced by EA set in the future where you will fight against advanced aliens. It's an open world so you can explore with your Javelin any part of this virtual world in search of secondary missions, enemies or resources.

The comparisons with Destiny have been wasted since the announcement of this new video game. The setting, the raids, the various characters with different classes, and many others are the similarities with the title of Bungie. However, Anthem, unlike Destiny, will be played in the third person and not in the first person. There will be raids which means activities of several people in a sort of long mission with various submissions. The raids were one of Destiny's successes that brought them for the first time, four years ago, on the console.


Exclusively, the famous video games portal IGN has published several video gameplay of this new title. In these videos, let's take a look at how combat action takes place, some of the special abilities, and the avatar's movements. The fact of being able to fly or swim in addition to being of an extraordinary nature is also a new way of moving and fighting against the laws of physics. The setting seems studied in detail with a perfectly described fauna. The images of the gameplay leave a really nice impression.

Source: Youtube

One of the biggest problems is that on the console, as usual, Anthem will not run at more than 30 fps, losing a lot of fluidity. For example, Destiny 2 on PC is one level, on the console of another. Too bad but the consoles are not yet powerful enough. Anthem will be released on February 22, 2019, while it will be available in beta to those who have pre-ordered it since January 25 and in beta for all other users since February 1. Below is a video showing the four different Javelin with their classes and abilities.

Source: Youtube

My thoughts: The one seen in the videos bodes well. The images, fluidity, movements, and abilities of Javelin, the setting seems to have been studied to the smallest detail. I hope that end-game activities such as raid and pvp are up to expectations because they are those activities that determine the success or failure of a game. More than Destiny seems to me a mix between Destiny and Warframe, we hope only to not see something already seen and that BioWare and EA give us a truly fascinating and stimulating title.