Courtesy of FIFA

Mossad 'MSDossary' Aldossary is the new FIFA 18 World Champion. This Arabian player has challenged and won in the final against StefanoPinna, a Belgian professional Fifa player with italian origins. 2-0 the results obtained by the Arab on the Belgian on both the final match played on both Playstation and Xbox. (MSDossary is an XBOX player while StefanoPinna Playstation).

The Arab was given super favorite also by the survey launched on Twitter by the same Fifa where fans were asked for a prediction of the final and 88% voted for the victory of MSDossary.

MSDossary showed off first beating a super MegaBit and then knocking out the semi-final Kurt, who had also eliminated the defending champion Gorilla. Won a total prize of 250 thousand dollars, about 213 thousand euros.