All fingers are not equal goes a wise saying. My childhood experience wasn’t boring neither can accept it as exciting. I was fortunate to find myself growing in ghetto like every other kid around the neighbourhood. Our daily routine after school was to fetch some buckets of water from the stream about 5000meters away and after which we organised a 4 man monkey post (post of 3ft) football team until when our parent starts coming back from farm or market. If there was anything like video games existing, we didn’t know. After my primary school I left for city to further my education.

It was break period on that sunny afternoon when I saw some of my classmates crowding about a boy. Everybody wanted to take a look on what was going on at the center then I set to find out what was interesting everybody like that. I went close but couldn’t get my eyes on what the boy at the middle was looking at. After a while, I forced myself. It was a video game. ‘’Wow’’, I was so surprise what it is. ‘’Is this action movie?’’ I asked ignorantly. Everybody started laughing. I joined them thinking they were laughing at the action of the movie. ‘’this is a video game we play it turn by turn (one after the other). I was drafted to the queue to wait for my turn. By the time it got to my time, my adrenaline was overflowing already. I couldn’t wait to touch the video pad even though I never knew who was the assassin talk more of how to control him.

When I took hold pad, I started pressing the keys randomly and luckily for me, I was killing the enemies. Some novice like me were shouting ‘’kill them, kill me’’ while the video game gurus were like ‘’this one doesn’t know how to play o’’. What was my business, am enjoying what am seeing until I was killed. The next turn saw me improve very well as a learnt to scale buildings and objects, dodge enemies, slide behind them and piece my blade into them. One of the fascinating things about is was the sound. I always love to hear the groan of the enemy fall to their knee and up till today I still remember the sound like it was yesterday. I have played almost all the series of Assassin creed because of my first contact with video games.

Assassin creed is a video game designed from the works of Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol’s novel Alamus about the historical events of prince of Persia. It depicts historical events, character and science fiction of the struggle between Templar; who believes in peace through control of humans and the Assassins; who believes stems in peace by free will. The game is aimed at taking down target using combat, stealth skill, weapon of history as well as exploring the environment. Assassin creed remains one of the best selling commercialized games with over 150 million copies of all time under the Ubisoft’s franchise.

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