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Tech officials such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates repeatedly expressed concerns about artificial intelligence technology (AI, Artificial Intelligence).

According to them, artificial intelligence can threaten mankind - it can even replace human jobs - in the future.

The predictions of Elon Musk and Bill Gates are in stark contrast to recent reports from the PwC survey institute.

the presence of artificial intelligence will in the future create more jobs in the future.

The agency does admit that later artificial intelligence robots will replace some human works, especially in the transportation and manufacturing sectors.

"Artificial intelligence in the form of robots will replace 38 percent of transprotation work and 30 percent of manufacturing jobs," PwC said.

However, continued PwC, implementation of artificial intelligence in other sectors would be more print a new position. For example, in the health sector, artificial intelligence will only 'devour' 12 percent of job positions, while the remaining 34 percent will be created artificial intelligence.

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This type of work will eventually require human labor to work together - operate - artificial intelligence.

"We believe that artificial intelligence will not create unemployment to humankind, because later in 2037 will create 7.2 million new jobs land that can be used humans and robots together," PwC closed in the report.

Artificial Intelligence Will Master the World in 2045

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Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering Google, is known as an ever-accurate figure with various predictions of technology.

Of the 147 predictions that he threw since 1990 ago, almost all proved true. Kurzweil's latest prediction focuses on the issue of artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) that will rule the world within 28 years, more precisely in 2045.

Kurzweil reveals, within the next 28 years, artificial intelligence will grow and present in some 'face'.

One that would be apparent is an artificial intelligence-based robot. Thus, he mentions the singularity between artificial intelligence and humans will be closer as the development of technology.

"Singularity will occur in full by 2045. Later, in 2029 the computer will also have the level of intelligence equivalent to humans," Kurzweill said in an interview with SXSW as reported by Futurism, Wednesday (11/10/2017).

"It's not a scenario of the future, but the fact is that now artificial intelligence has led multiple platforms, it works like a brain, connecting smart devices and adapted to human needs," he continued.

Unlike some tech company officials who fear the dominance of artificial intelligence in the world, Kurzweil just feel not so. In fact, he admitted impatiently waiting for the 'explosion' singularity in the future.

"Singularity is an opportunity for mankind to work better, which is actually happening now artificial intelligence gives us energy, helps us, facilitates all," Kurzweil said.

"They also make us smarter. Artificial intelligence may not be in our bodies, but by 2030 I'm sure they can connect our neocortex - the part of the human brain that works to think - to the cloud," he added.

Kurzweil's exposure is exactly the same as that of Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. Some time ago, he said the singularity will happen in the future.

The difference, if Kurzweil predicted 28 more years, Son would reveal the singularity will fully occur in the span of 30 years.

"The use of chips will continue to grow over the next 20 years, and this has helped boost the presence of more and more smart devices, I estimate there are about 1 trillion chips used and driving the explosion of smart devices," Son said.

Artificial Intelligence So Threat?

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As a number of tech company officials and some scientists, claimed to be worried about the existence of artificial intelligence. Among them are Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking.

According to Hawking, artificial intelligence can have a negative impact on the employment sector - especially middle-class jobs.

"The existence of artificial intelligence and technological automatization will erode the middle-class profession, if left unchecked, this will create poor inequality as well as the risks of major industrial job upheaval," Hawking said as quoted by Business Insider.

The man who graduated from Oxford University said that the technology automation system that is now applied by many big companies actually makes it easier for manufacturing process that was done by human.

However, such implementation is like a blade. "Industrial manufacturing processes that were traditionally done will change completely, but middle-class professions like factory workers previously employed for it will no longer be needed.Where will they work next?" he added.

On other occasions, Musk argues that the government, relevant agencies, and authorities must establish regulations governing artificial intelligence in order not to miss.

In a speech at a national meeting in Rhode Island, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX said the government must make regulations related to artificial intelligence before it is too late.

"Until people see robots coming down the street and killing people, they do not know how to react," Musk said.

Musk also added, "Artificial intelligence is a rare case, so I think we should be proactive to make the regulation rather than reactive, if reactive to artificial intelligence, it will be too late.

In doing so he urges regulation of artificial intelligence to be made now because of its bureaucratic nature. "The rules are made for ever, artificial intelligence is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization," he said.