Although known as a country that produces player-player Overwatch in the world, South Korea turned out to also save a lot of players who use the cheat. Seen from the ' hand ' massive capture operations conducted against Blizzard 1,400 players Overwatch in Southern Korea.

Total number of 1,487 Overwatch in Southern Korea account got ban since the beginning of season 11. The accounts shown in Overwatch the forum and stated ' guilty ' because doing "account sharing " for boosting. Representatives from Blizzard ever convey his opinion that the accounts which are banned evidence their commitment to creating a positive environment as well as fair for the player the Overwatch. Blizzard does not explain what the punishment for the cheater. It appears that, at least in their account will be ' asleep ' for a while as a punishment.

The Act of condemnation for fraudsters are indeed no stranger at least for under penga in the community South Korea. Even at the beginning of the year 2017 itself, Blizzard announced that time was more than 22,000 affected accounts under penga banned because caught cheating.


Most of these accounts are accounts that can be played for free at the Internet Cafe Korea. Before they can play for ' invisible ' or anonymous, but after the Blizzard of new regulations implemented in the year 2017 that players from South Korea is obligated to enter their social security number to create an account, which does not yet have the game.

However, the activities increase and cheating is still full and grown so large a problem in South Korea, until now. Even in the month of June, one of the hack in under penga was arrested and tried for violating the rules of the game industry promotion law and the law of protection & information communication technology. In addition, they also clearly have damaged thousands of players who play without cheating.

Certainly never heard case pro player who was convicted of helping boosting right? Yup it is "Dallas Fuel's Son "OGE " Min-seok and Kim Fusion's Philadelphia "Sado's" Su-min is an example. OGE exposed suspension for four games, whereas Sado can't play in Overwatch League for 30 games, or just the same with more than half the season.