Cryofall, a PC-based multiplayer game developed by indie game developer Atomic Torch, was released early in April by Steam.

The graphic may not be very noticeable because it is 2D and by the way, 'Cryofall' is attracting attention because its '2D survival game' which is very okay and funny game cast. In particular, you can collaborate with other users, enjoy PVP and adventure beyond the simple 'resource collection and production' factor.



'Cryofall' is a game aimed at 'surviving' players on an unknown planet. When you start the game for the first time, nothing is given to the player. But fortunately, the planet's environment is like Earth, so you can build a shelter,collect the resources around you, secure your food, and protect yourself.

It may be reminiscent of "STARDEW VALLEY" because it is a cute 2D graphic in the visual of the game. But if Stardew Valley focuses on the management of the ranch (and labor), 'cryopole' is more focused on 'survival'. That's why all of the player's actions are linked to 'surviving', protecting their bodies from wild animals and other threats.

For example, a character has a "hunger" and "thirst" gauge, and the gauge falls over time to death. So the player who has just begun to play is the first goal is to take measures against hunger and thirst. Firstly, we can collect various 'fruits' or 'watery fruits' (imaginary fruits filled with water) scattered in the field.

However, once fruit and juice are harvested, it takes a long time to be newly opened at the same spot. Moreover, if they leave without eating, they will become more and more corrupt as time goes by, and after a long time they will not be able to eat. Therefore, players need to build ricefields to secure food and build storage facilities such as refrigerators to avoid food damage.

And if we cultivate fields or build storage facilities, should we take measures to keep them safe from outside threats? If you collect the trees and surround the walls, you can protect them from wild animals, but in order to keep them safer, you must now build a protective facility with solid materials such as iron.

In this way, 'cryofall' can 'collect' various resources for its survival on an unknown planet, 'build' a variety of products and buildings, and protect itself from external threats such as wildlife and other players. The game proceeds in the form of 'survival method'.



As I said above, there is nothing to give to the player when starting the first game. So when the player starts playing, there are not many products that can be made. At best, it is all about making simple tools such as "stone hawk" or "spindle" by tying up stones and branches that are on the floor. In the game, when you make small items one by one, you will be able to learn a variety of techniques by learning points to create more sophisticated products. If you can make simple items such as wooden walls and wooden boxes in 'Construction Phase 1', after you have taken other technical steps such as chemical or industrial, you can use the products of higher technology such as 'Automatic Door', 'Refrigerator' You will be able to build facilities.

source There are so many different types of character skills, and each skill is linked, so it's a good idea to cultivate your character strategically.

At the beginning of the game, you can only make primitive weapons such as knives and bows, but by raising skill levels and collecting resources, you will be able to create high-tech weapons such as pistols, machine guns and even laser guns.



Cryofall only supports multiplayer based on the current version of April. The developer has announced that it will also support single-play PVE mode, but for now, up to 300 players per world (server) are free to survive and explore at the same time.

So, in fact, one of the most important things to be concerned about survival is also the 'other player'. Basically, this kind of game is more fun and it is the basis for catching up with the game more quickly when various users collaborate together and find directions for survival. For example, a particular player may focus on 'hunting' to speed up food security skills, while the other player focuses on 'mining' to concentrate resources.

In conclusion, Cryofall is a PC game that can be enjoyed by gamers who like moderate tension and multiplayer with other users. video trailer 👇

Above all, if you love survival game you can enjoy Cryofall 2D survival game as much as your favorite 2D game and with an affordable price of 247 Rands(17$).



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