I don't particularly like open world games. Way too many boring missions Especially in every single Ubisoft game. And I did think the same for hzd.

But then I gave it another try.... But with some tweaks. I turn off the music, up the the Difficulty Level, reduce some HUD elements, removed most boring missions off the map so it was a much more focused game. And I absolutely Loved it. Feels like a whole different Game.

The best thing HZD has is it's Numerous different type of Dinosaurs & Animals you fight, and with the difficulty much higher it Feels so much better, much more of a threat. Makes it a hard fight. Almost Every encounter is almost like a mini boss. 2nd best thing is the unique weapons, especially the DLC weapons like the ICE RAIL, one shot, powerful, but a slow reload. Very intense to use in fast combat. HZD is much better suited as a Survival Game. Not to mention one of the best looking games on PS4 Pro and PS5.

There are some weak points like the melee combat against humans, it's slightly better with higher difficulty, but hopefully the sequel will do much better. And so far the humans do look much better in forbidden west.