Epic Games Korea announced on July 16 that it has updated its 7.20 patch on 'FortNite', which is being developed and provided by the company.

The main theme of this "Fortnight" update is "Sniper". A new item 'Vision equipped revolver' and a new mode 'One shot' were added to enjoy the fun of 'Sniper'. First, the "sight-mounted revolver" is a weapon that can be equipped with a sneaker on a pistol to hit the enemy more accurately. Epic and Legendary, using a medium-sized bullet that inflicts 42/44 damage at one stroke. Weapons can be obtained from floor trophies and boxes, supplies, and vending machines.

'One shot' mode is a new time-limited mode in which you must subdue enemies using only sniper weapons in low-gravity environments. All players will play with a physical strength of 50, and healing items can only be used with bandages. Storm latency is also drastically reduced, and sniper weapons and bounce pads, such as hunting rifles, sniper rifles, and semi-automatic sniper rifles, can be used.


"With the 'Vision equipped revolver' and 'One shot' mode included in this update, players will be able to enjoy the fun of snipers." "Fort Knight Creative" so it's a good update.


EA has stopped developing Star Wars games.

Kotaku, a US video game specialist, reported that he stopped developing Star Wars games in an open-world format, quoting officials from EA Vancouver on Thursday.EA Vancouver did not disclose the exact reason for the development, but the outsourcing was based on the cost reduction and the loss of professional manpower.

'Star Wars' was first developed by Secretary Games of EA and was under project code under the name of Ragtag under the direction of Uncited Amy Hennig.

But Secretary Games was closed four months after Eugenie Gigi left the studio last June. Eventually, EA Vancouver announced it was continuing its development of Star Wars, and announced it would develop the game in a new direction.

As for canceling the development of Star Wars, EA said, "After reviewing the roadmap over the coming years, we decided to cancel Orca, the Star Wars project. I'm aiming for the second half, "said Kotaku.


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