As summer ends, so did my experience with AC ODYSSEY has come to pass. After 140 hours full with dlc its time to leave this title behind and focus on something new.


As a gamer of greek origin i wanted to explore the game at its fullest. Like with every other title the graphics are outstanding. Many things can be said about ubisoft, but their team know how to build a world from scratch. The visual representation of ancient Greece is beyond words. From the biggest mountaintop to the furthest island everything is extraordinary.

The gameplay is fine. I loved the freedom and the whole open map thing once more, but the exploration is always lacking after a while. Although visually stunning almost all areas are exactly the same and you get bored doing the same things all over again pretty soon. The sea adventures on the other hand are awesome and offer the series a really nice touch that hasnt been explored much since the days of ac black flag. The skill trees also are a nice touch but at this point we are not talking about a stealth game but a more action oriented title so the stealth mechanism is of little to no use.The mythic creatures as well are a thing of beauty and i loved how the fights played out especially during the medusa fight. Its one of the best fights in the game for me at least.

The story is mediocre at best. At times i found myself rushing to meet a goals end, cause deep down you know your choices dont really matter and if they do, its just that not that impactful. All and all the base game is a solid title although kinda boring after a while. If you want a game to pass your time this is a solid although kinda repetitive situation.


Both dlc quests- legacy of the first blade and the fate of atlantis- are the reason this game shines. Take the best this title has to offer and multiply it by 100 times and you will find a whole new game waiting for you. I loved the story, the new maps and the skill modification took a really clever turn from the story itself. As you progress in both of them you see a more coherent story and a trully meticulous attention to detail in every aspect. This is by far the only reason to stick with ac odyssey every time you get bored or feel like giving up.

The 3 sister realms introduced later on will feel like a whole new game every time you log in. There is meaning behind everything you do, you see how the world before used to work, you come to understand alot of things lorewise and you get to see and explore things the main game endind doesnt feel like showing.

The still steep price of 40 is a no go, but if you can get it on sale please do. You will love every second of it.

Malaka thats alot. Heres to another well earned platinum.