23 hours in.


Not half as shit as I read everywhere

Looks amazing

Fighting a bit rough


My issue with this game is its a great game to play but don’t expect a immersive storyline.. I’ve completed it twice and I basically just left the main quests at a certain point and just went around boxing off areas/islands etc doing side quests aswell and killing cultists that pop up along the way then go back to the main storyline and enjoy it as much as it’ll let you even though in truth there’s only like 6-8 hours of storyline after the cultists come into the picture

Now I'm lvl 15 the story is going all over the place.

I find I'm grinding to lvl up

Too much to do...things are popping too quickly. a crazy amount to do...cultists..upgrade your Hull...kill 20 Spartans etc etc...

The story is getting lost and you can't continue until you grind sidequests to lvl up.

You can't die falling off anything.