It's been about three weeks since Astellia's Open Beta service began. Many users are in the process of reaching the highest level and hunting for combat improvement and job evolution. Job evolution requires a lot of experience, and item paraming is an endless content, and efficient play over time is important.

Many users are doing party plays such as the highest level of difficulty quests and legend Dungeon. Now that party play is becoming more important, I'd like to introduce you to the asphalt that improves the stability of party play.


With Warrior and Scalar becoming more defensive and resilient, many parties are increasing their hunting efficiency by hunting the mall. When you enter a dungeon and drive as many monsters as you can and hold them at the same time, the dungeon is significantly faster.

However, the Mole hunt is a double-edged sword. That's because if you drive too many monsters and you die, you'll have more play time. So the most important thing is to strike a balance between "efficiency" and "survival."

And now, the Ascels that are useful for hunting the Mall are the Assel Glaukee and the Seavier Braga.

Glacie is one of the hottest asphalt in the world today. It should be noted that special skills, Glazing. With Glacier, Glacier shoots a cold beam forward, causing the monster to freeze.

It's hard to say that the crust is very strong, but it's very effective. Frozen monsters give the party time to clean up because they are not able to attack and move. The ice age isn't that long, but it's enough time for the Warrior to get back in shape.

If all the party members have Glaciers, and if they are able to control them, set the order in which they use special skills and proceed with the dungeon. A more stable and pleasant mall will be able to hunt.

Glacier's Special Skill with Wide Range, Easy to Use and Powerful Effect

Seavier Braga is also very useful for hunting moles. Due to the nature of the Seavier type, it is not easy to set the timing of the summons because it has a long cool time. It is often more effective to summon Braga to hunt the Mole than to summon it in the battle of Boss.

Braga has the ability to knock down all monsters in the range through an entire attack. Like Glacier's special skills, the mall is perfect for hunting because it can instantly neutralize many enemies. In addition, Braga's firepower is excellent, and all attacks are range attacks, reducing the monster's cleanup of monsters.


If Glacier and Braga are asteels that specialize in the hunting of the Mall, then Grimore and Papillia are the ones that reliably create parties with protective buffs and wide-area heels.

Papillia is an asphalt-based group of professional people who often use it in party play. It's easy to get into the Seobunt, so it's easy to get a grade up.

Papillia is a city-specific asphalt for wide-area healing. Special skill 'Devotion' will allow you to fill HP across the party. Cool time is also relatively short with 20 seconds, which can be used frequently. Collabo skill also adds a lot to Scalar's wide-area healing ability. Paffilia's Collabo Skill recovers HP throughout the party in response to Scalar's 'Divine Anima', 'Guadian Spirit' and 'Divotion'.

The combination of Scalar's wide-area healing and Papillia's wide-area healing capabilities can quickly fill the entire party member's strength, making it a good place to respond to big attacks, including full-scale boss attacks. If you need to quickly fill HP of the entire party, you can summon Papillia.

The Guardian Skalline, Grimore, is also an Astelle who knows how to heal the area. Grimor's Special Skills, Numannon Site, is a Dots Hill skill for the entire party. It doesn't immediately fill up the body like Papillia, but with the dotheel, it's more stable. Before the boss's wide-area arrives, it's better to show party members around.

In addition, Grimor increases the physical, magical, and avoidance of the entire family with automatic attacks. The combination of Warrior and Grimore is very good, as it is a good buff for the main tanker.

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