This game broke my heart. As a lifelong Batman fan I was enjoying the hell out the boss fights, the story, the awesome cut scenes, even perhaps more than I did Asylum, City, or Knight. Then it all went to total shit. I first began playing this on my PC, but the game crashed so much it was unplayable. So, I moved on to play it on my Xbox, but the game kept freezing multiple times that it corrupted my save file.

Then I learned it was on PlayStation Now on my PS4 so I began it there again and within the first 2 hours a game breaking bug prevented me from continuing any further. Fuck, I wanted to break down. In my entire gaming life I've never run into a game that is so fundamentally broken across all ports since it was literally unplayable on PC, XB, and PS, with constant game breaking bugs & crashes throughout all systems. Apparently I wasn't the only one, when I went to look online for support, the forums were littered with other gamers with the same problems. Just a heartbreaking time with what otherwise could've been an outstanding game. Grade C-