New map vickhendi and new ride snowmobile (Photo source: PCgamezN)

As 'Battleground' popularity is not what it used to be, criticism from users continues as well. One of them is about how the game works a fording to the map. Low item drop rate is a problem in basic map called 'Erangel'. The vast desert map 'mirama' is biased toward the latter half of the week when shot. "Sanok," which covers 25 percent of the existing map, has a difficult time throughout the game, which is a far cry from strategic play.

New Map Vikendi Official Trailer (Video Source: Game Official Youtube)

And on July 7, a few weeks before the 2018 winter vacation season, a new snow-themed map called 'Vikendi' was unveiled on the test server. Vikendi looked at whether it could be a map that would bring fresh air to the Battleground.


Vikendi is a 6x6km map, smaller than the 8x8km erangel and the Mirama, and larger than the 4x4km Sanoch. As you fall from an airplane, you can only see a view of the map. The 6x6km battlefield provides a gameplay speed that is neither too long nor too short

The distinctive feature of the terrain is that large cities and small farming points are evenly distributed. It provides options for both aggressive and defensive players. With the preference for a large number of items at the beginning of the game, confident players can head to big cities before the difficult times. On the other hand, players who have the upper hand by installing equipment with minimal skirmishes can head to small cities. As a result of playing both styles, both styles quickly entered the mid-field with no big difference.

Small farming points are evenly distributed. (photo source)

In the early farming Phase, which is also a stress factor for 'Battle Ground', it is easy for the Sanok map to reach death due to engaging in a small movement due to a small map compared to the number of players. On the contrary, Mirama has a small number of farming points, and the probability of appearance of a ride is low, so you must inevitably head to the big city. In addition, due to the wide open terrain characteristics, combat tends to be uniform with ranged sniper battles. Bishendy, on the other hand, seemed to have complemented the two maps and felt that the players were growing and competing in moderate density and speed.

Currently, 3-level helmets are sponsored by Vikendi, and equipment items including 3-level vests have high drop rates. The drop rate was higher than that of Erangel and Mirama and lower than Sanoch. At least in Bikendi, there was nothing stressful about the boredom of Item Farming.


The first winter appearance, you can see your footprints(Snowymap)

Vickendi is the first winter theme in Battleground. Depending on the season, the snow and ice terrain constitute the map, and the resulting additional effects affect the tactics.

The first is the footprint. On the snowy ground, foot prints are produced according to character movements, and car tracks are also left. Through these efforts, they can track down, attract, or even avoid the enemy. During the actual play, i saw the footprints around the building and threw a grenade into the room to the enemy. They also checked wheel tracks and headed for other ways to avoid skirmishes. The footprints and wheel tracks that directly affect the player's choice will disappear after a certain period of time.

Snowmobile is not suitable for driving on the road. (source)

The second is a new pair of snowcakes. If a car is driven on snow or ice, speed of movement and turning will decrease. On the other hand, Snowflakes are able to operate reliably on the terrain. However, on the ground without snow, such as asphalt or soil, it cannot accelerate faster than a certain speed and needs to be utilized according to the situation


Picture source :Reddit

The third one is a white Ghillysuit. Most of the maps are covered with snow and ice, so the Ghilly suit has also been changed to white. Although the white Gillysuits has some cover-up effect, it can be seen within 150 meters. Since the entire map is not covered with snow, Ghillysuits are more noticeable in general forests and urban areas.

In addition, in Vikendi, it was easier to identify enemies in open spaces. However, there is little room purely covered with snow. There were also many places where various illicit materials such as towns and factories were prepared. Therefore, there is not much difference in how the whole game is played.

  • New themed maps and new guns

Vikendi is a combination of two islands. It is easy to ambush enemies who cross the two islands with about eight bridges, some of which may climb onto the structure. Also, three-quarters of Vikendi's north is covered with snow and ice, while the other half is a normal area where the snow.

I could see unique cities that I had never seen before. The devastated Cosmodrome has left undeveloped rockets and launch pads, while a large workshop has left the space shuttle unattended. Buildings in the village of Goroka with large frozen lakes form a cascade of landscape.

Castle, which floats on a large river, is a medieval castle that is difficult to enter and can shoot enemies up to the spire. The wine brewery, which is located underground, also has a very complex structure. Dino Park is an abandoned amusement park, and it was able to use large dinosaur sculptures, roller coasters, bumper cars, and maze as its cover.


The new gun will feature 'G36C' and can only be obtained from the Vikendi map. Instead, they will not be able to meet the existing SCAR-L The G36C is an AR gun that uses 5.56mm of coal, which is relatively less reactive than other rifle types. In addition, a new lobby theme has been prepared, and 20 snowballs can be fought in the waiting area before the competition begins. The new gun G36C is capable of attaching all the paws except the headboard

Vickendi and G36C are currently available on the test server and will be officially serviced on Dec. 19.

Thanks for reading and what do you think about the new features?

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