Alright guys, normal everyday working man game review here!

First things first. If you’re going into this with AAA game expectations and hoping for things you’ve never seen before, don’t play this game.

After one hour with BioMutant I’m honestly really impressed. It’s hard to explain what Biomutant delivers, as a package seeing as in only one hour into it but for me, so far, it’s as fresh as it is familiar. It’s many games combined and it’s also in it’s own genre completely. And I love that about it.

Immediate first impression was oh wow this Spider-Man mixed with immortals Fenyx rising and ratchet and clank. And then about 15 more minutes in, it was also Fallout and conkers bad fur day from waaaay back in the N64 days.

Creating my character was honestly really fun, refreshing and I actually spent some time doing it. The opening storytelling is informative, very quirky and yet deeply engaging. The mechanics feel like ratchet and clank mixed with immortals and Spider-Man.

Where this game doesn’t impress me, is the frequent frame drops that I’ve experienced. That’s where it hinders the experience a little bit. Hoping that maybe it’s on my end and some setting tweaking will do justice but there’s some frame rate drops during cutscenes only, not actual gameplay/battle sequences which is nice.

Biomutant picks and chooses which parts of the map/game to detail. As you can see my character has an incredible art style and presentation but the ground itself on a certain angle has very odd textures. Majority of the game is absolutely stunning and brings fresh life to the screen but if you’re a perfectionist you’ll notice a lot of bad.

Overall, with the character development that I see opening up in the future and everything the game seems to deliver so far, mechanics and graphics and storyline. I give Biomutant a solid 8/10.

I will be doing a full review once I’ve put a MINIMUM of 10 hours into it. It will be be based on:



Overall Frame rate quality in all modes of play

Character development

Skill tree diversity

Difficulty/style of play

Overall Mechanics/Combat system