The 7th World Boss 'Furious Muskan' raid added by the last update is available to anyone who is above 45th level. It has finally appeared in the 'Furious Heads' dropping boss armor, absorbing the power of enthusiasm and endangers adventurers with a powerful broadband.

Attack Power 5426 When participating in the Darkness Raid, the difficulty was not difficult, and it took about three minutes to deactivate. However, if there is a lot of attack patterns in which the crowd control is activated and the life force falls to less than half, it absorbs the power by attracting the fanatic. This is a precursor using a very wide range of attacks, so you can avoid combat if you run away.

  •    What is the time of the furious Muskan appearance? You can only meet on Thursday evening!

Like any other World Boss Reid, 'Furious Muscahn' is randomly matched to up to 25 people and enters the tombball field. The raging Muschel Reid is only available from 8 pm to 10 pm on Thursday, and the exasperated Beagle was moved from 8 pm to 10 pm on Sunday.

When the World Boss message appears at the top of the screen, another 'World Boss' appears on the screen.

  •    Knowledge to check the vitality bar - Hidden knowledge / Acquisition at the time of raid entry

To check the boss vitality in raging Muskan raid, you need knowledge of the boss. There are two ways to acquire. The first one can be obtained automatically when you enter the Muskan temple at the time possible to enter the raid.

For the chief knowledge task, the raid time is long, but there is also a way to acquire it in advance. You can also acquire the raucous Muskan knowledge from those gathered in front of the secretary of the town of Glysi, Patrijio.

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  • Attack by crowd control, strong wide-area pattern with the power of fanaticism!

The initial attack pattern of the furious Muskan is three, the ground shooting, the flame throwing, the flame throwing down the arm. Of these, ground shooting and flame spreading are powerful, but care should be taken not to be attacked because the crowd control effects such as bouncing and knockdown will also follow.

Also, the raging Muskan has a faster attack rate than other bosses and has a strong crowd control effect. Therefore, it is necessary to actively utilize the advantageous defense technology such as super armor and front guard.

Attacking flames in a sectorial direction- picture source

The life of the Fury Muskan drops to less than half, it absorbs the power by collecting the fanatic. From this point on, the Furious Manskane begins to fill the gauges below the bar.

When the gauge is filled with the power of the fanatic, the enemy within the range is stunned with a roar, and it is made impossible to move, and both arms are used to shoot down the ground. When attacked by this attack, it is almost deadly and boasts powerful damage. So if the raging Muscahn collects the gods and fills the gauges, he must immediately stop the attack and flee as far as possible.

Enthusiasm from the furious Muskan.
  •   Enraged Muskan Compensation - Items such as Black Crystal, Muskan's Shoes, and Fabrication Materials

Material items can be obtained to manufacture deep-rolled equipment. If you're lucky, you can also get the shoes of the finished muskans or the shoes of the gin musk

Materials obtained from the furious Muskan ladle may be used as material for Muskan's shoes or as material for the losing boss's armor, with one Muskan's vouchers and 40 Muskan equipment fragments in the equipment workshop.

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