Definitely one of the most beautiful... love stories I've ever seen in a videogame? That's right! ❤️

This is not necessarily a game about just surviving in a post-apo world with the constant danger of encountering freakers (or people), but its core is focused on a romantic biker-themed marriage filled with love.

I can't describe it properly/fully in just a post, you gotta play it to believe it, all I can say is that the @bendstudio has made an amazing game that had everything that I wanted and wished for.

The narrative is great, the whole story on its own comes with great ideas, plots and twists, dialogues and smooth pacing, acting is good, Deacon's a fine fella for a protagonist, gameplay mechanics are fun, combat is engaging, exploring is addictive, music is spot on and the (happy) ending hits hard.

They thank us for playing their game, we thank them for making it. ✌️