Hello SCORUM , I just wanna say something...

Days Gone is a great game and i would love to see it getting a sequal.

It's not perfect, but really good and exciting experience.

I mean, when we had last time a game where you kill zombies on open-world and ride a motorbike on deserted highways full of undead hordes that will run you over. And keeping good care for your bike, if it breaks or runs out of fuel, then you're totally screwed.

The game is flawed as hell, don’t get me wrong, but the story is fantastic.

Thing is, if you didn’t get the ‘secret’ ending, the story pretty much wrapped up nicely. You saw the outcomes of all the life and death character arcs and, without the secret ending, it’s all finalised in a neat little bow.

That being said, if you saw the secret ending then the cancellation of the sequel is a huge blow. I really want to know how that plays out because it explains something I questioned throughout and knew there was more to, and I’d have loved to have seen where they took it.

That the pulled Bend off the sequel for a The Last Of Us remake is infuriating and completely unnecessary

So I say we should start a #DaysGone2 movement and let Sony know that we want to see it getting a sequal that it deserves. Well, the idea sounds great tho.