After finishing The Last of us, i was torn between starting fallout 4 goty or the complete edition of horizon zero dawn. Ultimately i picked fallout 4 cause of its vast open World style which allows to play how i want to and when i want to. Meh i dont think i will manage to finish the damn game, so I started shuffling between the two games but I Played Horizon Zero Dawn the most, then completed it but I think fallout 4 is much better.

Even though I just completed horizon zero dawn complete edition and all I can say is yes it looks stunning and yes it has a great final battle/ mission but tbh out of the 30 odd hours I played I only enjoyed about 10 hours of it, it's very very repetitive and I'm talking extremely repetitive the attacking and enemies get repetitive very fast and the story is mediocre at best. In my opinion it's very overrated just cause it looks good and it's a ps4 exclusive.