Whereas "FARCRY3" was a nod to the bombastic style of 80's action films its spin off, "Blood Dragon", is a full blown balls to the wall 80's throwback full of delightfully cheesy retro kitsch. Right away the amusing 16-bit cut scenes will win you over. Once you begin taking out cyborgs & fighting off Blood Dragons the psychedelic neon color scheme accentuated by its spectacular synth soundtrack will transport you to the ultimate cyberpunk future of the 80's. The writing is impressive too as the main character, Rex Power Colt, voiced by 80's action star Michael Biehn, is such a one liner gold mine that I was literally laughing every 5 minutes. I found the AI on "Hard' too easy and not much of a challenge but out of all the 80's nostalgic things to come out lately this is the best. It's awesome to the max. Grade A-