The world's largest developer conference, the Game Developer Conference (GDC), is approaching. This year 'GDC 2019' will be held on June 19th (Tuesday and local time) in San Francisco, USA for a total of 5 days. Various other events such as lectures, awards ceremony, film festivals and experience parties will be held.

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GDC is a little bit different from the public release and experience events for the general public such as E3, GameScom, Tokyo Game Show, and Gstar. This event is a gathering of game developers from around the world to introduce and lectures/discussions in various fields such as programming, planning, server, art, marketing, planning and management.Of course, the lectures on development of famous games are interesting enough to be seen by ordinary gamers, and it is worthwhile to have a chance to meet the developers who were hard to see in public, but the basic object is introduction of new business ideas and innovations. To reflect this, GDC is focused on the latest trends that will drive the gaming industry beyond. Over the past few years, VR, AR, MR and other e-sports have emerged as key topics, and the lectures here have been reflected in reality.

So the key word for this year GDC 2019 will be "Game streaming", and recently some game data or game cloud services for low-end games have already been commercially available for several years, but furthermore, high-performance games with 1080p resolution and 60 FPS quality are required to support high-bandwidth connection speeds in order to enjoy real-time streaming. Currently, there are many obstacles to realizing this speed in 4G LTE communication network base.

However, if the 5G network is commercialized, the era of streaming games is expected to be full-fledged. For example, '5G-LTE combining technology' developed by SKT and Samsung Electronics supports data transmission of up to 2.7Gbps. This enables high-quality, high-quality content to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime without having to have a high-performance PC or console. Some are now seeing that future personal computers such as PCs and home consoles will be replaced by streaming services.

This year 'GDC 2019' is expected to bring the 5G streaming game service to the forefront.The keynote speaker is Google Keynote, Although the topic of the lecture has not been revealed yet, but it is predicted that it will be the first announcement of Google's cloud-based streaming console.Google has been steadily preparing to enter the console business from the past and they already deploying a variety of businesses based on the largest cloud server in the world, Google Cloud. If Google launches a streaming game platform based on 5G communication network, it will open up the era of streaming gaming. It is unclear exactly what will be announced at this GDC, but it is predicted that it will be the watershed that will be announced by competitors' streaming game service. This is why Google is focusing on the announcement of GDC 2019 keynote.

This year's GDC will feature more than 10 lectures on cloud and streaming games. It is expected to outline the streaming game service that the global game industry is paying attention to. GDC 2019 is expected to become a full-fledged streaming-based gaming services, the world is gaining attention in the game industry.


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