What a journey that was! Lately not many games got me hooked like this but Kratos' and Atreus' journey was something where nothing was missing and nothing was excessive. ⚖️

The different combat system is awesome and addictive 🪓🛡️, once you get the hang of the controls and all the combos. New camera angle suits better, exploring is fun, puzzles are a nice touch, relationship between Kratos and Atreus is not only well written but brilliantly acted too.

The only down side for me would be not really a fortunate level design and a design of fast travelling. The world would like to feel like an open world, but is linear, more like a semi-open world where all the paths are precisely crafted so you can't stray anywhere you want. Wasn't a bad decision but in terms of finding collectibles once a main story is done was kinda a drag.

Anyhow, the award for best game of 2018 🏆 truly deserved, even though me personally would still go with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Here's to looking forward for Ragnarok. 👀⌚

*** And those fricking Valkyries!! Beating all of them was kinda alright, few tries and you beat them just fine once you learn their pattern (playing on medium diff) but The Queen... Maaan, she's a proper tough one. Still haven't beaten her, I think I'm not even able to and not sure if I even have time for so many tries over and over again. 😁😬 ***