With the New game of hitman 2 for ps plus, i finally got around to finish the original hitman yoty edition. I did all the campaign and all the extras, but the replayability of the title has me really hooked up. It was my first experience with the hitman games since the ps2 era and i really must say i was genuinly impressed.

Every level, every mission, has so many details and so many things to check and see. If you are a game completionist its really a must to go back and play the area again and again. You will always find something new and the whole thing is damn fun. The kill animations are really nice and funny and you get to have fun trying to do a stylish thing you never thought of before.

The campaign is really interesting as well and the cutscenes are top notch. I wanna see how the story unfolds and how things will eventually wrap up on hitman 3. But as far as i concerned hitman is a must try for all fans. The only thing im really bumped is i didnt get to experience the whole weekly contract hype, which must have been really nice back in the day. At least i can kill Sean Bean which is a standard by now :P

All and all hitman 1 was really nice and if you like something to test your skill and wit give it a try. Im sure you wont be disappointed