Finally finished The Last Of Us 2. Was really put off by all the negative comments saying it was crap, was also told the game is filled with butch women beating up men and lots of random agenda, I couldn't help but think this would actually not be a game to rush into playing, so I took my time before I purchase, stopped reading any reviews on it.

I think most of the hate I've seen came from people who played the game either for five minutes or not even at all. Hint: If you really can't review a movie after seeing only five minutes of it, trying to review a game that takes 40 hours after about five minutes is also completely invalid as well.

They base their comments on what they have been told to think. Some feel they can judge how the game plays by watching youtube videos. Hint: You can't.

Most of the complaints are basically nonsense, and they come from people who are unable to understand the content, or never even saw the content in the first place. Hint: Just because the ending isn't what you like makes the writing bad. Maybe learn what good writing actually is first before you start going off about how the writing is bad.

In truth after over 50h I can say I think it was fantastic. I thought some of the parts playing as Abby were as good or better that Ellie. The combat was great, the scenery was fantastic, and the overall idea of the story of revenge, loss and redemption was great. Not sure where all the hate came from.