As october has come to pass, so has my time with this gem of a game called persona 5. As a gamer who loves immersive rpgs and awesome storytelling this one gave it its best and beyond. As i write this post my gameplay time consists for 100+ hours for my first playthrough, time which i never understood how fast it flew.

As a player i admit i never played any of the persona series, so i wasnt sure what to expect. As a gamer of modern age, sure i read all the reviews, but i still think if you havent played a game then you dont really know for sure if its for you. Thankfully this title delivered and more. I loved every single thing about this game. The story, the combat, the social system and i was genuinly surprised with the whole pokemon vibe you get while trying to make your personas. For sm1 who hasnt played any previous titles, i had so much experimenting with different personas and trying to get the best result.

As a game persona never lets you down. Your first playthrough will be full and micromanaging your time is of the essence. I suppose with the newgame+ that wont be a problem and if you play your cards well your nights will be easier to spent. Storywise like a grand rpg the story is really awesome. You try to tackle society, you try to balance your life and try to fix everything you can along the way. Spending time with your companions is a really nice feature and i tried to max out everything i could. Their quests and side stories are so good its a shame you cant actually do all in one run.

Combat wise the system is the standard turn based you love. I have no complaints there, but some times the camera would do some weird takes while trying to hide which resulted in me getting surrounded. Truth be told it could just be me doing it wrong but i cursed a couple of times while traversing palaces. What is really good, is that every palace lets you exp your heart out if you can maange your sp points, so you can get way overpowered if you give it a little more effort. What is really good though is you have to pay attention cause even bosses that dont seem threatening can one shot kill you if you arent careful.

Every other aspect of the game is really detailed and the variety of activities is off the charts. The music is so on par that sometimes it made me pause and just listen without doing anything. My only complain is that with the introduction of your final female member you dont get to explore and spend time with her as much as you would want to. Its late game as well so managing everything while trying to upgrade your social status with her can be a pain in the arse. Other than that i have no complaint whatsoever.

Persona 5 is a testament to what jrpgs are. Everything clicks at the right moment and frankly it was a title, that i didnt want to end. I wont go to the newgame plus just yet. I wanna savor the original one and when it kinda fades then i will hit it back up again. Im getting excited to also see the story going forward with strikers. Now thats a persona fusion with musou im excited to play.

Cheers to you all and im hoping you get to play this gem when you get the time