I had mercy for a noob in score 5 goals challenge, i was easily leading 3:0 and had enough since i scored 2 in the previous match, and let him score 2 goals in order for him to complete easier 5 goals challenge and then in the next attack he equalized for 3:3 with a impossible goal by dribbling past my goalkeeper and took a shot from the impossible angle, because he reached the corner line and in last moment he took a shot and scored a goal with the ball hitting the post and went in 😂

That serves me right 😂 Then i couldn't score a winner goal, despite subbing in 2 attackers with 93+ on speed who couldn't went past his japanese white ball defenders, so we played 3:3 and i went down -9 in rating 😂 That happens when You act as Santa Claus and want to help others by letting them score goals 😂