Still yet to be announced though but from the ratings on the newly released FIFA 21, I believe Pes would definitely do the same thing decreasing some player's rating and wrongly increasing some overated players rating, got a sneak preview though on what we should expect from Pes Mobile 2021..

To be honest, after seeing it am saying thanks to Konami for decreasing max ratings for featured cards.. But one thing I don't and can't understand is why Cristiano Ronaldos featured card has a lower max than his base card 🐐, Goat himself should be par on everything, Meanwhile, Im so glad and happy for these 2 upgrades , mind you, am not a Manchester united fan though but these two has proven to the football fans already that they have what it takes to take the footballing world by Storm, they are non other than Aaron Wan Bissaka and Mason Greenwood 😂 😂

Again, am still amused as to why Martial still a gold ball and rated lower than Rashford? And also ,no way Brandt, Hakimi and Haverts are still gold balls too,, But I'm also happy that Vardy and Jimenez are black ball players now,, mixed feelings, Lol