So I gave Diane UR gear in prep for Ragnarok Diane, and I decided to play around with B.Diane since she has been at lvl.60 6* for so long.

And ngl she's been fun to play with, especially when you combo her with Margaret and Halloween Gowther.

This is the team I run with her.

She's getting 6% attack buff per end of the turn with her own passive. Stacks up to 30%

She's getting 7% attack related stats from Halloween Gowthers passive, stacks up to 35%

And from Margaret's Buff card, she's getting anywhere from an extra 30%-50% damage dealt, and anywhere from 20%-40% less damage taken. All depends on which tier of the buff card I use.

And with Deathpierce in the back, and Sariel grace. She actually has a chance to crit and do some real damage.