Problem with the society mindset. "I don't get G.Liz beneath 900 gem I quit."

Before G.Liz drop some of the vets have been giving advice to stock up gem!

The same people that said "don't be a meta slave plays what you want or feel good with." Drawing every new banner are the ones that complaining right now.

"Some people gets it within 30 gem." Well a lot of people getting lottery in the world too btw. I m pretty sure 0.25% doesn't translate as "VERY HIGH PROBABILITY"

If you wanted her so bad why didn't you save up gem? Is either you whale or have the discipline to prioritize what's important to you.

I blew 600 gem on KOF banner. I m not a F2P still, I tried my best to skip this banner since I know I can't get her from the guaranteed, might as well save up for Wing King Banner. So I don't go TOO DEEP into this banner and got nothing in return!

Is fine if you don't want to follow meta. But if you do care about meta, and want to get those crucial unit PLAN A HEAD!

This is not something that only applied to gacha games it applied on real life too honestly.