I recently started playing this game, started during LV banner. Over these last few weeks or months, I have probably put in about a weeks worth of play. I have accumulated LV, RDeri, HGowther, R and GEscanor and a couple of other units that most other people haven't even gotten. Some was luck, some was whaling (very tiny amounts of diamonds here and there, not a blue whale, but more like a killer whale). Should I feel bad about my account because :

  1. I am a passive player who casually plays here and there.
  2. I have units that some people since day 1 haven't gotten
  3. I am involved heavy in 2 other games on a daily basis (makes me kind of feel like my account should go to someone who plays a lot more). Or do I just need to really dive in to the game more and progress further in the game(haven't even make it to Ordan). And no, this isn't me trying to make people feel sad or pity me, I just think maybe I am wasting a potentially good account on being so passive and no I'm not looking to give my account away because I do really like how the game is. I just don't know the meat of the game