After finishing persona 5 , i really wanted to play something less time consuming. Therefore having never played its previous irritations i chose shadow of the colossus.

To be frank i love what this game has to offer. An interesting semi open world, vast areas to explore and stunning graphics at least for a ps4 remaster. The colossus are really nice and kinda challenging only made it to 7 so far and the whole puzzle your way up is really epic. I love how vast and big the world feels even if you cant go everywhere on the map and i love the feel of insignificance you get while you explore it. Its a game made for screenshots and epic feels

On the downside i feel the camera is really annoying and the horse controls are the worst. I get a feel love or hate situation everytime i ride my horse and thats something i get everytime i get to go somewhere new in this game. Other than that, the story is minimal and easy to follow and i dont think there is going to be any major spoiler as i go towards the end.

Its a game that i like to play, but thats about it. Maybe if i played it in the ps2 era i would appreciate it more, but that doesnt mean its bad in any way. What are your thoughts on this title?