The Octopath Traveler, an RPG released by Nintendo Switch last year developed by Square Enix, will be launched on the mobile.

'Octopus Traveler' is an RPG that depicts characters from eight continents. It was criticized for not being connected with the story of the protagonists at the time of release, but the unique graphics made with Unreal Engine were well received by users and critics.

The developer himself named 'HD-2D' is a feature that reproduces the emotion that the dot game had in the past, even though it is 3D graphics. In addition, Octopath Traveler's strategic combat system and freedom of occupation were the first works in the series, but left many possibilities.

This mobile version is developed with a first title prequel. The name of the game was decided to be the loser of 'Octopath Traveler continent', and it will show a different character from the previous work and plan to solve the new story. The battle system has been improved so that up to eight characters can participate in one battle while maintaining the "brake system", which is the most significant feature.

Also, the trailer confirmed the event scene, which was pointed out as a disadvantage of the previous work. I do not know whether the characters will be related to each other, but I can imagine that they are under development as a work that emphasizes the story. As a result, the game is being developed with the goal of launching the game in 2019 as a 'single player only' game that supports basic free play and in-app settlement.

Meanwhile, Square Enix said the console version of the original "Octopath Traveler" is under development. The mobile version is made up of outsiders and has left a message to fans waiting for home games to wait a little longer.

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