"The Dark Siders 3" will be released on November 27 (local time). It is the first time in six years since the previous film in 2012. "The Dark Cyndus" is an action adventure game in which four knights in the Memorandum fight are to protect the balance between heaven, hell and humanity.

During a brief hiatus, 'The Dark Cyndus' went through a lot. Publisher THQ has gone bankrupt, and its affiliated studios, Vigil Games and the Dark Cyndus franchise, are on the verge of falling into the air without being sold. Afterwards, the employees of the Vigil Games moved to Krytek and reorganized into the Crytek USA, but even that was dissolved due to financial deterioration. After the remaining developers set up the Gunfire Games, THQ was merged into Nordic THQ.


The "The Dark Cyndus" series is set in the Mukshirok time, where four knights wake up to bring an end to the war started by the angels, devils and humans that will destroy each other.

In the first episode, players are summoned to the human world as the youngest of four articles, "war (The Knight of the War)." He is accused and arrested by the schemes of each force surrounding the last war. Under such circumstances, it is mainly about revealing one's innocence and fulfilling the task of balancing the world. Integrity the second installment, the story takes place at the same time as the previous one, and becomes "The Deathly Hallows" among the four stories and solves the incident from different aspects to save the arrested war

Fury's goal is to punish seven felonies (Picture source: official game web page)

The main character in this work is "FURY" which was summoned at the same time as War and Death. Players must be fused to judge the seven demons, the incarnation of the seven deadly sins, to end the chaos of the world. The series will also tell the story of the first and second episodes and the same time period from the perspective of another person, and if you are a traditional game fan, you will feel different.


Fury, the main character of the film, is the only female and wizard of the four stories. This part provides the same control system as the previous version, a three-person shoulder-view point, and players will use the whip as a muzzle following the scent of the first war weapon, the sword, and the second deck. In particular, it reminds us of the "blades of Chaos" used by the "Great of War" series and the "Zero" of the "Cretto" series.


Basic Type Fury's whip attack (Picture source: official game webpage)

The previous version of the 'change' system continues. As with War's 'The Shape of Chaos' and Death's 'The Grimfer,' Fury can use various forms of weapons and skill depending on the changes in both features.

Flame hollow mode (photo source: official web page)

In 'Flame hollow' mode, it transforms into an appearance covered by an orange flame. Weapons also change, using double-edged sword and large sword in the form of a double-edged sword, to gain new methods of striking and explosive effects. In addition, flame and lava terrain can be moved without a hitch and jump using flame energy.

POS Hollow mode (Picture source: game official webpage)

In 'Forge Harlow' mode, you can turn into a shape surrounded by a purple ora, swing a huge hammer to invalidate the enemy's defenses, and wear a large patch. It also activates magnetic energy to attract or repel objects or enemies around it.

Boss 'Sloth' and Force Harlow Fury (Picture Source: Official Web Page)

Meanwhile, in the game, boss, the incarnation of seven felonies, appears. The current play images show 'Sloth' , 'Wrath' and 'Envy' and the remaining four players in the game.