1.Legends and Iconic players will expire

Legend Player become Legendary player,

. Iconic Moment become Legendary player

. Base Player become Standard player

. Featured Player become Standard player

and if u have carryovers they will be GP equal to release value,. (expired)

2.There will be no training players

3. eFootball™ 2022 will not include a Friends function, so registered Friends will not carry over. The new Online Match Lobby will allow users to specify other users to play against online.

4. The effects of Items used on Players or Managers (Skill Token, Position Booster, Management Skill Boost) apply only to eFootball PES 2021 and will not carry over.

5.Agent Tickets, Skill trainer and Trainers will not carry over, so it is recommended to use any which have not yet expired.

6. Other assets will be converted to GP,

. Manager

. Scout

. Strip

. Original Theme

. Contract Ticket

. Position Booster

. Management Skill Boost

Rather save your coins cause there will be premium tours and challenges your can enter by using your coins, for better rewards.